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Amit Aggarwal, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, TripFactory, believes that their Business to Business product ‘Nexus’ is at the forefront of leading an industry change within India, as he welcomes agents to join them in this change for growth.

Hazel Jain

How was 2022 for TripFactory and what are your expectations from 2023?

Year 2022 was good for us. We saw recovery in tourism with India bouncing back as a strong market both for domestic and outbound tourism. The demand for vacations and tourism continues to be strong and we expect 2023 to be another good year for tourism overall. TripFactory recently received funding and we will be looking to invest in strengthening our product, platform and teams within India and outside.

What is your vision for TripFactory?

We believe TripFactory is the new age tourism company which will enable travel advisors across the world to use our platform to sell vacations seamlessly. Our vision is to empower 0.5 million advisors to sell holidays in their source markets. TripFactory will evolve as a strong DMC platform worldwide and continue to enable agents to sell more than 100 destinations to their customers within a few minutes and also help them grow their business.

What kind of B2B activities have you been doing of late?

Our main objective is to educate agents about Nexus and its capabilities, and what difference it can create in their overall day to day sales and operations for holidays, and how it can help agents grow their holiday business. Nexus was envisioned in 2013 with a vision to become the platform of choice for tourism companies globally to do business. From the founders of and TripFactory, the team behind NEXUS is focused to deliver value to the industry globally.

What are some of the new features that you are offering?

We are offering agents the ability to instantly create any itinerary across the world, customise it with flights, hotels, transfers, save ad PDFs with their brand and logo, CRM on top of it to track the complete customer lifecycle process. Agents can also monitor on-ground delivery once the customer is traveling. Tourism is a sunshine industry in India and we believe Nexus is at the forefront of leading that industry change within India. We welcome all agents to join us.

What are some of the emerging travel trends of 2023 you expect?

Outbound tourism will show much stronger demand, especially for long haul destinations like UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and others. Business to these destinations should grow significantly over the next three years as markets are fully opened after COVID.

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