AlUla: The world’s masterpiece

In addition to focusing on leisure and MICE segments, AlUla will also leverage on the connection that Indian Muslims have for Saudi Arabia. It will be sold as a solo destination clubbed with key cities in Saudi Arabia and also promoted as a combo destination with neighboring countries like Oman, UAE, Jordan, Israel and Egypt.

Hazel Jain

It is a perfect destination not just for families, couples, adventure seekers and honeymooners but also MICE. Its vast open landscapes which is great for outdoor activities such as zip-line, hiking, cycling, a bike park, and horse trails.  A place of extraordinary human and natural heritage, AlUla is located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. The world’s masterpiece, AlUla, is a living museum that holds 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history.

Underlining the importance of the India market for this destination, BeenaMenon, India Representatives, Royal Commission for AlUla, says, “India is an important source market for AlUla. Once borders re-open, AlUla will be an interesting destination to explore as it has vast open spaces, natural beauty, outstanding landscape, and highest standards of visitor experience.” She adds that AlUla is a year-round destination. “We are promoting it as a destination for leisure and MICE travellers. It will be sold as a solo destination and can be clubbed with key cities such as Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. In addition, AlUla can be promoted as a combo destination with neighbouring countries like Oman, UAE, Jordan, Israel and Egypt,” she explains.

MICE segment will love it

AlUla is home to series of historical and archaeological sites. Menon explains that AlUla is great for MICE and boasts of a state-of-the-art multi-purpose conference and entertainment venue, Maraya. “A glass structure covered in mirrored panels reflecting AlUla’s beauty, Maraya is the world’s largest mirrored building according to Guinness World Records. In addition, we will be looking at tapping the Umrah segment and promote AlUla as an extension to Umrah tours,” she adds. AlUla is being promoted as a three-night itinerary covering the four heritage sites, adventure activities and other unique experiences. Travellers can even spend a week in AlUla and include a road trip as it is two to three hour drive from the Red Sea.

Trade engagements

Huzan Fraser Motivala, India Representatives, Royal Commission for AlUla, shares that all marketing activities will be focussed on B2B and B2C platforms. “We have been working with travel trade to create awareness and interest in AlUla and engaging them through webinars, trainings, and trade shows. We will also closely work with key trade partners on joint promotional activities and continue to disseminate monthly newsletters to travel agents across India. Once borders open, we will conduct roadshows and organise travel trade famils.” she reveals. The team has already organised three webinars since the launch of AlUla in the Indian market. Motivala adds, “We believe in the sensitive and sensible development of the destination.”


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