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Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Chennai (IHM Chennai) is striving to educate young hospitality aspirants as per the international standards of service and assist in the growth of Indian tourism. IHM Chennai’s Principal, S. Rajamohan, elaborates on the educational initiatives of the institute.

Q How is IHM Chennai different from other institutes?

IHM Chennai has taken various special initiatives and drives to keep pace with the international standards and this sets us apart. We have been constantly ranked as one of the premier institutes for education in tourism and hospitality. IHM Chennai signed an MoU with Lycee Nicolas Appert, Pays de Loire region, France for staff and student exchange programmes and training and another MoU with Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) for faculty and student industrial exposure. Their managers in exchange conduct demonstrations and guest lectures at the institute. The institute is also a lifetime member of International Accreditation Organisation (IAO) USA and of Higher Learning Accreditation Consultant and Training (HLACT). IHM has also taken various green initiatives and eco-friendly measures from the perspective of sustainability.

Q What courses are offered at the institute?

We offer two-year Masters course in Hospitality Administration and a three-year Bachelors course in Hospitality and Hotel Administration. Various one-and-a-half-year diploma courses are also offered for specialisation in fields like Food Production, Bakery and Confectionery, Front Office Operation, Food and Beverage Service and Craftsmanship Course in Food Production.

Q What does the institute envision?

We plan to set up a 30-room Advance Training Centre, which can accommodate 75 pax in the conference room, and a banquet hall, which can accommodate 1000 pax to be self-sufficient to organise various events at the institute. The institute strives for excellence today to prepare students to succeed in the challenging world tomorrow. The various courses taught at the institute impart knowledge, skill and attitude for suitable manpower in the hospitality and service industry and also generate opportunities for research and field work. We train students on a par with international standards of hospitality education. The curriculum followed at the institute is as per the standards of the National Council for Hotel Management, Ministry of Tourism and IGNOU. We also facilitate students in entrepreneurship.

Q Please elaborate on the hands on training offered to the students.

We provide hands-on training to the students in various areas like star categorised hotels, flight catering units, retail stores and outdoor catering, and also involve them at all the events undertaken at the level of the institute.

Q What according to you is the way forward for tourism and hospitality industry?

India’s tourism potential is very high, with a vast variety of tourism products on offer. Domestic tourism is ever increasing but inbound tourism needs a push and has to be targeted better. Better tourism infrastructure, enhanced connectivity, skill development of the human resource and a vigorous wide-scale international campaign for inbound tourism can boost the numbers. We need to make obtaining Indian visas easier and cheaper, set up a National Quality Assurance for tourism, offer more familiarisation trips to tour operators and focus on interactive online content and promotion.

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