VFS aims 100 governments

After recording double digit growth in 2017, VFS Global is all set to offer premium door-to-door and mobile visa services to clients and is aiming to represent 100 countries by 2020.


VFS Global recently honoured 95 countries at its ‘Diplomats for Peace’ event in New Delhi, in a bid to felicitate the efforts of the diplomatic community in promoting peace through tourism. VFS organised this event in association with International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT).

Speaking about the event, Zubin Karkaria, Chief Executive Officer, VFS Global Group, said, “This event is basically to show people that travel and tourism play an integral part in peace and harmony around the world. Today, we have tied up with IIPT to invite the guests here to honour them and at the same time talk about humble beginnings of VFS which started 16 years ago from India. Today, we manage almost 57 governments across 129 countries of the world and we do around 25 million visa applications every year; so it is very important that we become an important catalyst in terms of travel and tourism. If you look at tourism, it is not anymore a luxury, it is more of a necessity for people to travel and the first stop is always the visa centre, and that’s why we are here.”

We have opened new offices for the French and British embassies in India. Otherwise, we have presence in 129 countries around the world

Karkaria revealed that by 2020 they are planning to work for 100 governments and offer visa services for them. “We have a lot of activities and services on offer like the premium lounge, mobile to mobile service that means you don’t have to leave your home to get a visa and even home service, where a representative of VFS can come to your home and your visa gets done. VFS also has other services like express service, premium service, which are on offer to encourage people to travel to other countries.”

Calling India a good growth market for VFS, Karkaria revealed, “We have opened new offices for the French and British embassies in India. Otherwise, we have presence in 129 countries around the world.”

Journey So Far

  • VFS manages almost 57 governments across 129 countries and 25 million visa applicants every year

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