Unparalleled service is key

For Hahn Air, last year was excellent in terms of product offerings and trade support, informs Bharat Kapoor, Director, Global Account Management, Southern India.


In 2016, Hahn Air added 44 new partners, out of which 22 were interline agreements, reveals Bharat Kapoor. “This means that these airlines can now be sold through our own document under their respective two letter IATA code. These include the Jetstar Group, as well as CityJet, with which we have interline agreement. Apart from this, we have also got 21 new H1-Air partners. These are the airlines that are basically not available or have limited availability on GDS, and they could be sold through us under the reservation code H1. We have got SpiceJet, which is one of the airlines that travel agencies in India and worldwide can sell through us. There are also a few more,” he adds.

H1-Air offers a win-win situation for all. “Travel agencies and airlines get additional revenue, and the traveller gets additional options and destinations. It’s an add-on service, and the payment in this case is by a BSP,” Kapoor informs. The company also acts as a platform for rail and shuttle bookings. “Our service 5WRail & Shuttle has now added Buquebus to it and the same has been updated in the major GDSs in the world. Right now, its services shuttle between Buenos Aires and Montevideo, which would be sold under the code 5W on major GDSs.”

Giving credit to their growth to travel agencies, Kapoor said, “As India is amongst our top 5 markets, we try our best in being number one in distribution business with our unparalleled services. We know that for travel trade in India, it’s a difficult time. To overcome this we have been developing more software and tools to help our travel agencies to get more business, and with business comes revenue. In the near future, we are planning to add more airlines and enhance our website, which is the most important tool for us. Also, we will keep adding more content on the 5W-Rail & Shuttle.” Another strong product by Hahn Air is Securtix, one of the complementary services that they have for travel agencies worldwide, informs Kapoor.

“In case any service that’s being sold under Hahn Air or with any airline goes insolvent, there is no need to worry. We would compensate everybody. For stranded passengers, who started their trip, we would give the refund and pay a certain amount for the hotel expenses for the unused portion of the ticket. It’s an unparalleled service in the aviation trade, which no other airline is offering currently. In fact, there are around 100,000 agencies who have issued around 27 million insolvent tickets of Hahn Air since 2010. This is the level of service that we have.”

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