Udaan India celebrates silver jubilee

Udaan India recently celebrated its silver jubilee in the industry and is set to expand its reach with new additions to its portfolio.


Boasting a strong reputation in the travel fraternity, Udaan India focused on FITs and then evolved by dealing with B2B agents and corporates. Udaan has trained professionals with a dedication to deliver seamless service to clients. Udaan has also seen a rise of 10-15 per cent in its turnover ratio. It handles 68.2 per cent of corporate clients making them a complete B2C corporate player. With its presence in 10 cities, Udaan is planning to expand its footprints further.

Udaan India is dealing with the top 30 MICE companies of India. The company has also been instrumental in promoting Scandinavian and SAARC countries. With their DMC promotion, there has been a substantial increase of tourism in Croatia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cambodia and Vietnam. In future, Udaan is also planning to add a new venture to its basket ‘Study with Udaan’, envisioned to mentor all the aspiring Indian students towards enriching study programmes offering in pioneering colleges and universities across the globe to equip aspirants effectively for global challenges and skill development. Udaan has also invested in a new project ‘Caring India’, which is formed to streamline and ease the level of patients and other guests travelling to India specially for treatment purposes.

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