Turkey opens for International tourists

Turkey opens for tourism as international flights, which remained suspended in Turkey since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic resumed from 15th June 2020. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkey has introduced a set of measures called as ‘Safe Tourism Certification Program’.  This certificate, which is issued under the guidance of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, covers a broad range of measures including transportation, accommodation, health condition of employees of the facilities and passengers. Granted by international certification institutions, this will document the fulfillment of high level of health and hygiene requirements at airline companies, airports and other transportation, accommodation and food & beverage facilities.

So if any Indian traveller intending to travel to Turkey will be able to check which hotels, restaurants & other facilities in Turkey have this ‘Safe Tourism Certificate’ and choose for a safe travel experience.

When an Indian traveller arrives in Turkey, upon arrival the body temperature of passengers will be checked at airports. The passenger who has temperature higher than 37.8 Celcius (100.4 Fahrenheit) or showing any other symptoms of Covid-19 will be tested free of charge. If the test result is positive, the passenger will be referred to the hospital. The same procedure will be applied to all transit passengers as well.  If the test result is negative, the passenger can continue with his/her itinerary.

No Indian passenger will be deported or be kept in quarantine due to the test result.

For the passenger who has positive PCR test result, qualified health staff capable to respond promptly and well-equipped transfer vehicles will be ready at the airport for transportation to the health institutions. The patient will be transferred immediately to the nearest health institution and his/her treatment will start. The government will not implement any treatment without consent of the individual.

An Indian tourist arriving in Turkey and proven to be Covid-19 positive he/she needs to be treated at hospital. Treatment costs will be covered by his/her own health insurance which is also valid in Turkey. It is advisable for Indian travellers to buy medical insurance covering COVID 19 treatment as well before arriving in Turkey. Insurance packages can be purchased with tickets of contracted airlines; inside the airport at points of sale before passport control; online; and from tour operators

The Visa application process for Indian travellers began on June 22, 2020. Turkey officially communicated its readiness to re-start scheduled flights between India & Turkey as of July 10, 2020. Consent of the Government of India is being awaited.

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