Tunisia bullish on India market

The Government of Tunisia is keen on tapping the tremendous potential of India outbound market and is pulling out all stops to attract more tourists from the country.


Tunisia has become one of the major outbound tourism destinations for India and looking at better relations with India. Abdellatif Hamam, Director General, National Tourism office, Tunisia, said, “Last year it was our political decision to take part in tourism exhibitions in India. As our government body is supporting tourism, we are very keen to focus on India to attract more tourists from the country.” Both the nations have strong political link to develop business in the field of tourism between India and Tunisia. Connectivity between both the countries is not a problem as both have good air connectivity with Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Hamam added, “We are known as one of the major historic tourist destinations in the south Mediterranean as we are one of the first countries to invest in tourism. Tunisia has been trying to invest in this field for the past 50 years and we have realised that tourism is not only about business but it’s about sharing civilisation, knowledge and culture. For us it is very important for our sustainable development and our aim is to be open to the world and in this strategy it is understandable that Tunisia is very close to France and Italy. Tunisian culture and our people are very open to international visitors.”

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