TripJack expands in North India

TripJack, one of the top B2B online travel platforms, plans to concentrate on North India markets for business. Going with the plans, the company inaugurated a new office in Delhi recently.

Suhani Sood

TripJack achieved an important milestone by opening its third office in Delhi recently. With this strategically positioned office, the company plans to concentrate on important North India markets and increase adoption of smooth, logical, and reliable travel site. Speaking at the inaugural event, Hussain Patel, Director & Co-founder, TripJack, said, “The inauguration of our Delhi office is a result of culmination of9*0 our vision and commitment to the travel agents. The new office will play a pivotal role for TripJack in the North.”

Hasan Patel, Director, TripJack, said, “It has been quite some time now that we have thrived in this market, and we have observed the market potential, presenting opportunities for immense growth. Our office is designed to look beyond today and cater to the needs of the future. We aim to provide our team with a vibrant, conducive, and healthier environment.”

Sharing future plans, Ashu Gupta, CTO, TripJack, said, “As a company, we really want to invest more into technology, which will increase transactions and overall business. We have seen this industry growing rapidly. After COVID-19, people were saying that the industry will return to normal state by 2025, but due to the technological intervention, huge demand is coming in and we have big targets. We have seen an exponential growth in airline industry, as well as hospitality industry.”

Emphasising on the importance of creativity in business, Patel said that creativity proliferates amid healthy surroundings. “It is important to provide people with the right environment to bring forth their creativity. As we surge forward with investments, we will definitely invite more people to our clan of TripJack,” he added.



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