Training young SITE aspirants

The SITE India Young Leaders programme in India was unveiled at the Young Leader Coffee Meet Up at Ethiopian Cultural Centre, New Delhi.

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Leaders from different quarters of the travel and hospitality industry were in attendance at the Young Leaders programme. Providing opportunities for prospective leaders below the age of 35, the event helps connect with 2,000 members of SITE spread across 88 countries.  Speaking at the event, Nitin Sachdeva, Co-Chair for Global Young Leader programme of SITE, said, “This programme builds the next generation of incentive travel leaders by providing education and networking opportunities appealing directly to younger generations. The mission is to focus on bridging the gap between generations and creating a strong group of individuals who will become SITE leaders.”

Programme that connects

Sachdeva added, “Every chapter has a mandate to create a SITE Young Leaders programme to get the next generation into incentive travel and carry the flag in the future. It helps you grow your connections. Anyone who enters the field needs exposure to what’s happening around. It’s the perfect platform for people who want to enter the incentives industry. There is also a separate young leaders conference which speaks of how this programme is of great importance to SITE global. The cost of the membership of regular members of SITE above the age of 35 is $445 and $200 for young leaders annually. We are looking for best practices among mature chapters of young leaders like Southern California, Great Britain, Ireland, among others to grow.”


Talking about his objectives in the new position, Sachdeva said, “The key objective is to really have a committee constituted here, create networking and education events, and to have it become sustainable. Someone has to be developed and that’s my main aim. Currently, we have three persons and I would want at least 20 people to come on board.”

“We want to develop this programme for the coming generation. We plan to do three more Coffee Meet Ups – one in each quarter. We have the committee in place and we will do more in due course,” he concluded.

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