Tech help to cut visa rejections

Nikita Dresswala, Founder, Teleport, a company that provides visa services, says that with 10-30 per cent of visas applied by Indians being rejected, travel agents can help reduce visa rejections by leveraging technology platforms offering valuable assistance and support.

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A total of 10-30 per cent of visas applied by Indians get rejected based on the country applied for, shares Nikita Dresswala, Founder, Teleport. She adds that mostly European cluster of countries, including Schengen countries like Greece, Malta, and Estonia have one of the highest rejection rates. “The main reason being hard guidelines, tough documentation processes and long waiting times, making customers and travel agents anxious,” she says.

Technology to rescue

Travel agencies and companies play an important role in making the visa application process easier for Indian travellers, says Dresswala. “They guide travellers through the complexities, ensuring they meet the necessary requirements, using their expertise and industry knowledge. Travel companies become invaluable partners in achieving successful visa outcomes by understanding the most common reasons for visa rejections and staying up to date on the latest regulations. Teleport makes visa processes simple, by marrying tech-assisted streamlined application processes and personalised quality checks. Most of the visa application communication happens via email and manual collection today, and that makes the process cumbersome and prone to errors, using assisted tech and easy digital collection processes, Teleport has been able to help 100+ travel agents and companies already in giving the best travel experiences to their end-clients,” she adds.

Dresswala also claims, “In the fight against visa rejections for Indian travellers, travel companies and agents have emerged as heroes. They can improve the visa application experience by leveraging technology platforms such as Travel companies enable Indian travellers to navigate the visa process with ease by providing accurate information, efficient document management, improved communication channels, and personalised support. Travel companies are leading the charge in reducing visa rejections with their expertise and the help of technology, ensuring that more Indian travellers can fulfil their dreams of exploring the world.”

Accurate Information

Teleport offers a variety of services to help with visa rejection issues, which includes tech-assisted document collection and verification; accurate and up-to-date guidelines for every country and dedicated and spontaneous customer support, she says.

Document Management

She says that managing visa application documents can be difficult. “Technology platforms, on the other hand, make this process easier by providing tools for document verification and organisation,” shares Dresswala.

Better communication

Claiming that clear and timely communication is crucial during the visa application process, Dresswala suggests that travel companies can now provide personalised assistance tailored to each client’s specific needs. “Travel agents can provide individualised guidance and support because they have access to comprehensive visa information and real-time updates. This personalised approach boosts applicants’ confidence and increases the likelihood of successful visa applications,” she claims.



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