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With a new brand image, Navjot Bhasin, Director, JustClickKaro.com, is sure the company will create the right buzz in people’s minds.

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J ust Click Travels is now JustClickKaro.com and is all set to change the B2B marketplace, claims Navjot Bhasin, Director, JustClickKaro.com. “From July, we rebranded our company. Since we were diversified into many operations, we created a new brand different from our company name. From what we saw in the market, there was no one who was a one-stop travel shop. After conducting a market survey, we thought of creating a platform which will be a mixture of remittances, travel, entertainment and everything related to the same. We want to become the Paytm of B2B industry.”

Bhasin is confident that they will emerge as the single largest aggregator of B2B industry, a segment nobody is trying to venture into, he says. “Big OTAs have withdrawn commission for agents, so there is a vacuum in the market. Hence, we are trying to fill in the gaps in small towns and cities since everybody else is into specialisation. It’s a future innovation I have in mind. We are expanding into remittance, travel, and moving ahead to the entertainment consumers. We plan to have 14-15 verticals on our website.” Talking about the branding, he stresses that the new name is catchy and has a higher retention factor with customers. “We received an overwhelming response for the name, and clients are interested in doing business with us. It’s good for customers as well as social platforms,” he shares.

We are expanding into remittance, travel, and moving ahead to the entertainment consumers

Sharing some statistics, Bhasin says, “Last year, we did Rs. 284 crores, and closed 2017- 18 at Rs.1500 crores. Next year, we are targeting roughly about Rs.3600 crores and expanding in all the verticals, as our business is coming from everywhere. We had around 7000-8000 agents on board last year, and 25,000 this year. I have given a benchmark of one lakh agents to my team by March 2019.”

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