TAAI trains members on GST

Sessions have so far been organised in Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Mumbai, and will also be held in other cities.


After conducting in-depth India-wide training sessions on Service Tax for its members over the last couple of years, the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) has now started conducting similar sessions on GST. It will be doing this through the association’s consultant CA Manish Gadia, Partner, GMJ & Co. Revealing this is Jay Bhatia, National Treasurer and Chairman (Tourism Council), TAAI, who says, “We have already embarked on training sessions on GST in 20 cities covering all regions and chapters of TAAI, and they will be completed by June 30. Subsequently, in July or August, we will be doing detailed training sessions that will take into account details that will be announced by the government.”

TAAI has already covered cities of Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Commenting on GST, Bhatia adds, “With the rates that have been announced, no one is happy, and neither is TAAI. The association will be making representations to the government through FAITH or directly with our issues and queries.” The session included a talk on air ticketing, inbound and outbound tours.

Manish Gadia, Partner, GMJ & Co, adds, “The major doubt of the members was how they can get maximum benefit from GST. It is one of the biggest economic reforms for India, so the agents have to change the way they are doing business. They will have to take a call on each contract and each tour as to which way they will go. They will have to plan better.”

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