Swiss Quality Hotels on roomsXML

Travel agents using the roomsXML platform can now get access to all the Swiss Quality Hotels International hotels at attractive wholesale rates.

Swiss Quality Hotels International represents more than 60 quality-oriented and individually-run hotels across 40 cities and resorts in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Under the recently-signed direct distribution agreement, travel agents using the rooms XML platform get access to all the Swiss Quality Hotels at attractive wholesale rates with abundant availability.

Prakash Bang, Founder and Executive Chairman,, says, “Swiss Quality offers travel agents wide range of first-class accommodation options to choose for their customers. Guests booked into one of the member hotels can be guaranteed of Swiss-style contemporary, efficient and open-minded hospitality.” roomsXML is winner of numerous industry awards and accolades, including ‘MSE 2’ high credit worthiness certifi- cate from CRISIL – an S&P Global company.

“We see huge potential with roomsXML. With their innovative technology and distribution reach in emerging markets like Asia Pacific and Middle East, we look forward to welcoming scores of guests at our group properties,” says Amjad Nashashibi, Director Sales and Marketing, Swiss Quality Hotels International.

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