Stay motivated during a pandemic

As part of its skill development initiative, IATO in association with TRAVTALK  organised a motivational session titled ‘How is COVID-19 changing your personality?’ focusing on motivation, mental well-being and behavioural adaptability. Happiness Coach Sakshi Mandhyan, Founder, Mandhyan Care, shared tips to deal with these issues.

Manas Dwivedi

How do you stay positive when you don’t have a job? How to overcome life’s difficult phases?

Skill to accept the situation can help. When you don’t have money, you will worry. However, you should know that worrying is a healthy negative emotion, it is not an unhealthy negative emotion. The idea is to know it is a difficult time, but it does not mean that a good time will not come. Remind yourself that it is just a temporary situation that will pass. Try and avoid focusing on the problem; instead, ask yourself for solutions. Embrace negative emotions. One more thing is, sit with yourself and create a routine. Focus upon creating a schedule for yourself and work on small things with each passing day. The key is to work towards a goal, results will follow eventually. Hope is something which will help you sail through this time. Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism will make you HERO, literally!

How do you cope with work from home along with managing your family?

The first thing you do while creating a calendar for your work routine is create one for your personal routine as well for the next day before sleeping. Categorically create tangible, measurable goals. Then, following them consistently is the key to managing everything effortlessly. Also keep in mind to stay focused with your thoughts.

How do you decipher bad habits of a person with good character?

You character is defined by your actions. Your habit is your action. So, a bad habit will create an impact on a person’s character. So, they are interrelated. Character is formed out of your actions and habits. Ensure that you have habits which work in your favour. Be mindful of what actions you are taking, it impacts character.

How do you divert your mind from negative thinking?

Firstly, there is no magic wand to make negative thinking disappear. It is a practice you do everyday. Sometimes, we tend to focus more on negative thoughts rather than the positive ones. To get rid of it, you have to use the process of filtering. You have to consciously filter the positives and the negatives. Secondly, gratitude is important. Thirdly, try and stay inspired with your surrounding and nature.

How do you overcome anxiety and stress arising from a negative situation? How do you deal with expectations?

To deal with anxiety, the first thing is stop thinking about the future. Take one day at a time. Secondly, decide to stay calm, no matter what. If you don’t decide to stay calm, you will go all over the place with different emotions. As far as expectations are concerned, ensure that you see capability and potential as well. Judge things on the basis of capability, it will help you be calm.

Any tips to reduce paranoia and stress in depressing times?

Stress is very subjective; what stresses one might not stress the other. How you are speaking in your head is stressful or easy going, the choice is yours. To deal with paranoia, keep your language positive. Ensure that you are picking things that ease your mind and not disturb it. Label your emotions correctly. Lastly, distract yourself.


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