Social media drives business

According to a Travel Wedding Show survey on how to generate business for weddings, 43% of the business is generated through social media; so the more one is on social media, the more enquiries will they get for international weddings.

Sources to generate – Destination Wedding Business

  • 13 per cent by referrals and rest is by other sources. In India, 50 per cent of the business gets generated through referrals; 20 per cent from social media; 15 per cent through search engine and 15 per cent from other sources.
  • “Destination wedding for the next five years will be the biggest thing. Weddings are big business, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. If as wedding planners we have to survive, we need to go out, to different cities and destinations and procure more business. Indian and international destination weddings will remain, the next business thing,” says Rajeev Jain, Founder and Director, Rashi Entertainment.

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