Showcasing Holland in totality

The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Convention (NBTC) in partnership with Jet Airways organised a six-day familiarisation trip for 13 travel agents from India to showcase not just Amsterdam but also new destinations in Holland like Zaandam, Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Kaatsheuvel and Ermelo.


I considered myself rather familiar with Holland after having travelled to Amsterdam for more than 10 times. But this familiarisation trip did exactly what they set out to achieve – to show that the Netherlands is so much more than Amsterdam. From the traditional town of ZaanseSchaans, to the breathtaking painting by Mesdag and the modern city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands has so much more to offer than just the city of Amsterdam. We look forward to sending many more of our guests to this beautiful country. – Sahil Wahid, Director,  Revel Travel Links

Holland is a great destination for any kind of holiday, especially honeymoons. It is a small, well-connected and affordable destination. The people are friendly, straightforward and honest. Offering an outstanding gourmet experience, The Netherlands is a cheese lover’s paradise, fun for vacationing and a great destination for senior citizens as it is very easy to navigate and move around. I look forward to selling it to many of my discerning clients. – Sabina Thadani, Director, Mayfair Travels. 

Holland is a land of warm people, delicious gastronomy, colourful landscapes, cutting edge technology and unique experiences. We visited world-class cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hague. They are all fabulous tourism destinations and at a relatively cheaper cost. My Netherlands tour was arranged professionally with a personal touch. Even the workshop where we met some key suppliers was very well-planned. Overall, I had a great experience and enjoyed the destination a lot. – Ashis Kumar Das, Director, Wanderers

The itinerary was well designed and it tried to cover as much as possible within a short time. This was my first trip to Holland and a few things stood out for me – the canal cruise, walking tours and the dinner on cruise; that too with an Indian meal! Some new attractions in Amsterdam like ‘This is Holland’ adds value to our existing itineraries. It is a great destination for MICE, corporate events, family holidays, and honeymoons and a great opportunity to see beyond Amsterdam. – Samina Munshi, Director, N Chirag Travels

The Netherlands is a place where tradition and innovation intertwine. Cycling is an integral part of life and locals live on their bicycles. An interesting new experience ‘This is Holland’ is the latest attraction where guests can experience a thrilling eight-minute flight over Holland. It was a well curated trip where we experienced canal cruising during the day and dinner at night. The country’s second-largest metropolis, Rotterdam’s nightlife makes it one of Europe’s most exhilarating cities. The Dutch are the friendliest people in Europe who welcome every guest with equal enthusiasm. – Mehernosh HomiDirector,  Beyond Borders

Holland is not just about Amsterdam, fondly called ‘The City at the Centre of the World’ with many charming city spots to explore. The beauty is in its little towns away from the big city like Hague, Zaanse Sache and Delft; it is the countryside that can capture our hearts with its canals, villages, windmills, cattle and tulip farms, all in the raw. What was also nice was visiting the Scheveningen beach area. It will be amazing to see it in its true colours during the summer. On the other hand, Rotterdam is a modern harbour city which we also got to explore. – Vyoma Bhatt, Managing Partner, Aspen Vacations

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