Sale-based incentives for agents

After the resounding success of its Travel Agent Fantasy League that saw more than 3,000 winners, Tripjack has now launched two new agent engagements – Hotel Booking Bonanza and Weekend Deals. Hasan Patel, Director of the B2B travel portal, shares more details on them.

Hazel Jain

How was the overall response from the entire engagement activity?

Fantasy cricket is one the biggest growth-drivers in India. With IPL 2020 organised from September 19 to November 10, the Tripjack Travel Agent Fantasy League attracted a huge number of users to participate in fantasy cricket. It was a huge success and truly satisfying to come up with a new concept in the travel industry which no one had thought of. We were able to deliver and achieve the best of it. I would like to thank the entire team and all our travel partners for their participation and enthusiasm throughout the games. Daily match winners won upto 1,00,000 to 3,00,000 TJ coins which can be redeemed on for flights and hotel bookings. Weekly and mega prize winners received free flight tickets, vouchers and free hotel stays. Overall, we had more than 2,000 winners and we are lucky to have taken this opportunity to do something cheerful and bring back smiles on our partners’ faces.

What kind of redemptions did you see from winners?

TJ coins earned during the games are available in our agent logins on our website. We are seeing an increase in leisure travel and domestic drivable destinations are doing very well over the weekend. Internationally, Dubai and Maldives have been very hot.

Are you looking to conduct some more engagement activities for your partners soon in 2021?

Definitely! In fact, we have now introduced two more campaigns – Hotel Booking Bonanza and Weekend Deals on Hotel Booking Bonanza is a sale-based incentive scheme where travel agents can win Amazon vouchers for making hotel bookings. Weekend Deals are special promotional deals available for popular domestic hotels in India. It allows travel agents to make good recommendations regarding deals to their clients and assisting them in making a holiday decision.

How is the customer travel behaviour changing now?

Customers have become a lot more experimental with their purchase behaviour. We see that offbeat destinations in the domestic segment are seeing some amount of traffic. After months of travel restrictions and now the government helping with increasing flight capacity, there is a trend for ‘revenge travel’. With flexible working hours and work from home, long weekends are very popular. It is a great opportunity for deal hunters as due to the scenario lots of properties are offering lower than usual rates. Due to this, we are also seeing an increase in share for the branded/chain four and five-star hotels.

How is Tripjack redesigning its products to suit the changing requirements?

We are very excited for the future. One thing is for sure – to stay ahead of the curve, businesses will have to reinvent themselves, and the same applies to us. We do have some very interesting projects in development. We want to provide a more fulfilling experience to our travel agent family, so that we can help them with a larger suite of products and services. Our developments are focused on creating long-term relationships with the travel agents and helping them accelerate to the next level.



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