Robust B2B marketplace

QuadLabs’ new venture Connect.Travel, a B2B marketplace for global travel players, currently has 120,000 IATA agents on board.

With South East Asia currently being the most potential region for travel, QuadLabs Technologies plans to tap this market this year. The technology provider boasts of a presence in India, as well Middle East, which was the first venture out of the country.

Gaurav Chiripal, CEO, QuadLabs Technologies, says, “This year, we are going to focus more on Southeast Asia. Our agenda is to target virgin markets where there are more chances of success. We don’t want to hit a saturated market. In addition, we recently made a foray into South Africa as well. We are testing waters in these areas before we go out into the more mature markets like America and Europe.” Chiripal says that their commitment to provide innovation is strong and the team is constantly working and investing in something new.

He elaborates, “We’ve now made a new platform called Connect.Travel which is a B2B martketplace for travel agents and suppliers. We’ve just done a deal with IATA on a global basis and brought in about 120,000 IATA agents onto the platform out of which 40,000-50,000 have been migrated to the platform. We are yet to see how well it is received because these are early days for us.” Chiripal states that the next two-three months will emphasise on migrating the remaining agents to the marketplace.

Connect.Travel aims to be a one stop shop for the agents for which partnerships are being forged with global suppliers like cruise liners, car rental companies, ground transport, hotels, etc., who will provide live inventory. The benefit of the platform is that the agent does not have to go to multiple places and they can get everything under one single window. On the whole, 2016 fared well for QuadLabs, comments Chiripal. “We had a lot of new products, went to new geographies, so it was a very interesting year. We see a lot of challenges coming up in 2017 and we will be concentrating on solving a lot of problems with our customers.”

“This year, we are going to focus more on Southeast Asia, we recently made a foray into South Africa as well”

• Gaurav Chiripal, CEO, QuadLabs Technologies

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