Roaring’s Latin Trails

Roaring Representations has announced its newest client, Latin Trails, from South America. It offers DMC services in Ecuador and Peru, and small-ship luxury cruises to Galápagos Islands.

Manas Dwivedi

Sharing details about the latest additions, Vishal Mehra, Managing Partner-Acquisitions Roaring Representations, says, “These islands, a province of Ecuador, are considered the world’s foremost destination for wildlife viewing. They are inspired from Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’. The fact that these islands are so isolated has created a perfect environment for wildlife and birds to thrive. Seals, sea lions, penguins, iguanas, sea turtles, dolphins, whales and many other species can be spotted in and around the islands. Latin Trails has cruise- only and land-cum-cruise offers for visitors, allowing them to experience these islands in comfort and luxury. They also offer multi-destination itineraries for adventure and wildlife lovers. At Roaring Representations, we are responsible partners offering real-time advice to our clients and our market to enhance business for both. Our aim is visibility for our clients in a voice that resonates with their target audience, leading to measurable and tangible results.” Mehra also talks about the role of a responsible representative company.

Our aim is visibility for our clients in a voice that resonates with their target audience

“The role of a representative company is one that bridges the gap between agent and product. The product can differ from destination to hotel, cruise to airline, or attraction to experience. A successful representation company is the one that takes the responsibility to demystify the local area by informing its clients about buying patterns, main markets and key stakeholders in their region.”

He further adds, “The role of the representative company is now changing from just being someone who opens the door for introduction to those who teach, influence and create demand. The changing face of representation has been motivated by the ease with which a buyer can now connect with a seller. So, the role becomes more complex with more investment in time and effort being made to ensure that there are quality tie-ups, conversations and conversions.”

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