Restarting M!CE business

Travel M!CE Show saw hotels, corporates make new business connections and look forward to 2022 with positivity. With attendance 50 corporates and 1,250 meetings in two days, participants engaged in meaningful interaction.

Janice Alyosius

The 6th edition of the Travel M!CE Show this year was organised on December 16 and 17 at The Suryaa New Delhi. The show entailed pan-Indian 50 corporates and 1250 meetintgs in two days. The interactions between the corporate and M!CE specialists concluded successfully. The event got positive response from the buyers and exhibitors. Participants were delighted to be attending the event and exchanging information. The M!CE show provided a platform for hotels, corporates and M!CE groups to explore business opportunities and make new connections. The buyers and exhibitors showed optimism for the coming year, 2022, and they look forward to
restarting M!CE.

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