Red Carpet belted for 2021

Rajesh Kakade, Founder & Global Director, Red Carpet Travels, believes that after a challenging 2020, they are prepared to take on 2021 with positivity, vigour and innovations.

For Rajesh Kakade, 2020 started with a positive note and enthusiasm. “We increased our footprint, adding destinations like Australia as a DMC with an office in Melbourne. However, we experienced the impact of the pandemic as others, so have utilised our time constructively to develop interesting itineraries and unique propositions. Our driving force through this year was positivity, patience and immense gratitude towards it. It helped us evolve, grow, focus on what we have and plan for a better future,” he says.

There were also cost cuts. “We at Red Carpet Travels revisited each cost/investment and collectively rationalised unwanted or extra slab from our cost items and we embraced work-from-home culture and technology to increase productivity,” he shares. The biggest learning from 2020, according to him, is, “Think out of the box rather than running along with the masses. Focus on technology and market demand,” he added.

Year 2020 was also a year of innovation. “We at Red Carpet Travels took this opportunity to focus on technology, development of unique propositions. In addition to this we are going to launch a travel partner engagement programme with a lucrative concept in 2021.
We constantly endeavour to evolve, and we are working on a new digital platform, which will be a technological advancement for the travel fraternity. It’s unique, user-friendly and a good learning tool which will change the way of traditional travel business,” informs Kakade. They have also invested in optimising their resources by upgrading their skill set, destination knowledge and technological know-how through training programmes. “It will eventually benefit our partners/customers in terms of better products and lower cost with the quick TAT,” he said.


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