Realstar places consumers first

Realstar Hospitality lays special emphasis on building top line revenues, maximising efficiencies and minimising operating expenses. Talking about the growth and investment in the Indian market, Eric Barber, Senior Director, National Sales said, “With a 50 per cent ownership with the South Asian franchisee, Realstar Hospitality focuses on developing hotel properties and collaborating with hotel chains. Talking about the initial hiccups of GST and its effects on the market, Barber says, “Canada has always witnessed a decent number of tourists. The impact of GST was seen in the previous year but this year looks promising.”

Having 100 per cent guest satisfaction and establishing trust with travel agents, the company has restructures for the travel offerings. Realstar Hospitality has unique products across Canada that caters to every single segment when it comes to competing with other destinations like South Africa and South America. In the time of digitalisation, the company believes in direct consumer relationship and wants to innovate the digital market by developing digital strategies, restructuring the architecture and spending on organic search.

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