Q Experiences in Antarctica

As part of their ‘Curated Journeys by The Q Experiences,’ Vasim Shaikh, Founder, Q Experiences, unveiled an exclusive 200-people-only trip to Antarctica.

The White Continent is the first cruise line by an Indian company that will take groups to Antarctica. The 11-day expedition would start from Ushuaia, the southern-most city of South America on December 9, 2017. Vasim Shaikh said, “The White Continent is our initiative to make people experience Antarctica. We are looking at passionate world travellers to be a part of this expedition. The best way to unveil this journey is to introduce the ship we will be taking to the Antarctic waters. It is one of the most modern and luxurious ships, which is well equipped with a gym, salon, spa and theatre. We also have international artists who will be performing on board, including pianists and singers.”

One of the highlights of this expedition, especially for Indian guests, is having London-based Michelin-star Chef Atul Kocchar on board. “Atul Kocchar will be on board to take care of Indian and vegetarian food during the expedition, which is usually a major concern for Indians.” The expedition would cost `690,000 per head and the itinerary has been curated indigenously for a niche clientele. Rati Shroff, Manager – Business Development, The Q Experiences, said, “We have come up with a crisp refined version to experience Antarctica, which is where we put together an 11-day journey, where one gets to explore the Antarctica Peninsula. The ship sails from Ushuaia and takes two days to cross the Drake Passage, which is the confluence of three oceans. Once the travellers get there, they can get to experience the Antarctica peninsula through several landings. One of the highlights is going to be one of the research centres, which is now a museum, where one can actually send a postcard to anyone in the world.

The authorities there also stamp the passport as a memory of visiting Antarctica. There is also a visit to Weddell Sea, which is one of the quietest places in the world.” She revealed that they are planning something in Africa and will be launching ‘Q Romance’ for honeymooners.

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