Pave way to a road less travelled

Parveen Holidays wants to promote rare products such as the Hidden Temple and Cave tours and Submerged Temple tours to make Destination India even more appealing to discerning inbound tourists.

Parveen Holidays, a unit of Parveen Travels and winner of the South India Travel Awards, is an integrated travel, tourism and technology company, with more than 50 years of industry experience. It has more than 1,000 luxury fleets of buses and sedans as well as exclusive contract with all-category hotels and resorts, such as jungle resorts, eco resorts, floating resorts, backwater resorts, beach resorts, tree houses and luxury-home stays across India.

Murali Krishna, Asst. General Manager, Parveen Holidays, says, “We believe in presenting India in a way that is quite unique, with tours on submerged temples and hidden architecture, which reflect the ancient civilizations of India and give a glimpse of our unexplored culture and tradition. International tourists love such tours as they are always interested in the Indian history. We aim to project India the way it is and showcase its uniqueness to the international market.”

He highlights the markets where Parveen Holidays is focusing and adds, “As of now, our inbound business isn’t much but by next year, we are planning to achieve more than 20 per cent of the inbound traffic.” For this, the company participates in various international shows like JATA, ITB Asia, WTM London, FITUR Madrid and ITB Berlin. “We are reaching out to local tour operators in these countries and talking to them about our unique products that we have to offer to international travellers. We are focused on promoting market-wise products, some of which are around the birth and growth of Indian civilization tours, submerged architecture, hidden caves and temples of India, and tribal tours. These are the products that foreign tourists love,” Krishna adds. Meanwhile, the domestic market remains its mainstay. He says, “Our domestic tourism business is huge as compared to other segments. However, a streamlined structure is required to educate the travel agents and tour operators or even the ticketing agents about it. We have our own B2B network across India from Tier II, III and IV cities.” In India, it serves its corporate clients by providing staff transportation. On an average, more than 36,000 corporates every day are using its luxury fleets. “Apart from this we have our international branch in Dubai, 40 branches and 300+ affiliated agents exclusively working with us in India. We want to take the number of affiliated agents to 7,000 this year,” Krishna adds.

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