PATA India heads to USA and Canada

To introduce and inspire the travel trade from USA and Canada to sell India as a destination for varied traveller segments and needs, PATA India conducted six roadshows across five cities with over 3500 speed business meetings.

Nikhil Anand

In continuance with their endeavour that began in 2014, PATA India Chapter, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, conducted business development roadshows in the United States and Canada from May 30 to June 8, 2017.

Typically, alternated between the East and the West Coast and peppered off with a visit to Canada, the entourage this year began in Toronto, Canada on May 30. The roadshow subsequently moved on to USA, where five roadshows were conducted in four cities; Boston, Chicago, Houston and finally New York–hosting two roadshows to compensate for the overwhelming demand in the city.

On the reception the roadshow garnered, PATA India Chapter’s Executive Director, Runeep Sangha exclaimed, “In the course of over 3500 conducive speed meetings, we were able to provide an excellent mixed bag of products and services to the buyers in the two countries. The feedback we received was very encouraging with buyers finding the show highly informative as they were able to get the latest updates on the tourism offerings and potential of India and those of whom who had not sold India previously are now giving it serious consideration.”

The offerings in these roadshows constituted of 17 widely diverse sellers across India and across products. In addition to the traditional, cultural and historical products on offer, India was showcased by two leading hotel chains, river cruise companies and DMCs from South and East India. He also added, “We received 211 tour operators in the six roadshows we conducted in USA and Canada combined and amongst them nearly 35 per cent of the tour operators and travel agents had not sold India before.”

With the significantly less amount of India acquainted buyers this year, the roadshows as such have promised substantial augment in tourism; and banking on the India product and India promise, PATA India remains confident of major movement through the engaged travel agents and tour operators.

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