Paramount tool for agents

Click Paramount empowers big and small travel agents with deals that can attract more clientele without the sluggishness of the e-mail system through its online travel agent only deals.

While helping to make the concept of travelling popular in India, online portals have also contributed to putting the industry through a flux with their heavy discounting on travel products. Naveen Singh, Director of Paramount Vacation Planners, opines, “We have seen enormous growth in the past few years in the number of travellers, all thanks to the online travel agents who have converted a normal holiday dreamer into a traveller with their discount coupons and some great deals. But their lethal discounting has seriously affected the business of the traditional travel agents.”

To tide over the loss of business this has led to, Paramount Vacation Planners has tried to get to the root of the problem. It has developed a tool called ‘Click Paramount’ which empowers a small and big travel agent with deals which attract their customers back and help fight the sluggishness of email system through its online travel agent only deals.

Singh adds, “Our industry never lacked deals, but it has lacked the medium by which one can grow their reach, as nowadays a customer doesn’t have the time to wait for a final quotation. We took a demo of their new interface ‘Click Paramount’ which resolves a lot of issues.” Some of them include setting margins in the back-end that remains hidden from the staff and tracking top-selling destinations for them. These features will help garner potential lead. Once the tool was ready, the company decided to get some feedback from a few of its users. A spokesperson from Vishwakarma Tours in Surat said that company replies to its customers became more prompt with the tool as it no longer had to wait for vendors to check their queries and reply. Another user, WowGo in Delhi, which is a start-up felt that its TATs have improved leading to happier customers.

“We took a demo of their new interface ‘Click Paramount’ which resolves a lot of issues”

– Naveen Singh Director of Paramount Vacation Planners

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