Palladium in the process of recovery

The Palladium Hotel Group is already seeing arrivals from Indiaat its hotels in Ibiza and even at its properties in Mexico since August this year. The hotel group also announces the opening of TRS Ibiza – a luxury hotel with an all-inclusive service only for adults – as well as its Bless Hotel Madrid.

Hazel Jain

India has been an important market for the Palladium Group of Hotels (PGH) and highlighting this is Sandra Polo Canudas, Commercial Director (Asia & ME) Palladium Hotel Group. She says, “Our properties specially the ones located in Ibiza, Spain such as Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza are on top of the list for our Indian clientele. Now, with our new Bless Collection Hotels brand on board with presence in Madrid and Ibiza as well as our TRS Ibiza opening in 2022, we hope the market will love these brands and its experiences as well.”

PHG is in the process of recovery. Canudas explains, “Our strategy might slightly vary, but we will remain the same in terms of having a presence in the market. This period of almost two years of pandemic has not changed the way we stay connected with our Indian trade partners via our representation with Global Destinations. This also says more than anything to see how important India market has always been and will continue to be.”

Regarding its offerings, PHG will from now on be communicating more about its Bless Collections Hotels (LHW) and TRS brands which are still quite unknown in the India market.

Trade engagement

PHG has strived to maintain its visibility and communication in the market during 2020 and 2021. “We considered it important to maintain and keep the trade informed about what was happening in Palladium Hotel Group especially in terms of health and safety measures. Thanks to the collaboration with our representatives Global Destinations, we have continuously maintained the contact to the trade,” Canudas says.

Year 2021 has been very dynamic for the hotel group, so it is planning activities according to the circumstances. “There are some actions, which are already planned for next year such as trade fairs. But we are still keeping our options and plans open to changes if any,” she says.

The hotels have already been opened this summer season and all procedures have been tested successfully since it has had no closings nor cases within the hotels. It has been a year of strict measures so hotels Like Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel or Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and Tenerife could not operate with a normal activity in terms of events. But Canudas expects and hopes that by 2022, it will return with new events, shows and innovative scenarios which it will reveal in the market in time.

Arrivals from India

Canudas is happy to share, “We have seen arrivals from Indian clientele in our hotels in Ibiza in August and September in Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, Bless Hotel Ibiza and even our properties in Mexico. We have not seen any demands different from the usual. We do not really know about how the demand is going to be by 2022 because it will depend on the evolution of the pandemic. However, we expect and hope it will slowly increase for sure compared to these signs of recovery of 2021.”

New offerings

TRS– one of the luxury PHG brands only present in the Caribbean currently, will be landing in Ibiza by summer of 2022. TRS Ibiza will be aluxury hotel with a premium all-inclusive service only for adults. Meanwhile, Bless Hotel Madrid will also re-open soon. There has been no official communication to the market about the opening date yet. “However, the Indian market has always been quite last minute. I can confirm with you now, and this is an official announcement, that Bless Hotel Madrid will open doors by December 2021. We expect to receive bookings in the coming months for this,” Canudas adds.



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