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After launching new products and destinations in 2018, BigBreaks expects 2019 to be a year of good growth with plans to stretch marketing efforts outside Delhi/NCR.

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The year 2018 has been a good year with many new products and destinations, says Kapil Goswamy, Founder & CEO, BigBreaks. “We are trying to gradually establish ourselves as a leisure travel-focused online travel company. During 2018, we have successfully launched several new products and destinations. We have included pilgrimage packages with a variety of pilgrimage destinations, ranging from Mansarovar in the North to the Meenakshi Temple in the South,” he adds.

Sharing details of the package, Goswamy comments, “We’ve been promoting these pilgrimage packages not only to the Indian audience but also to NRIs. Everyone has appreciated the ease with which they can plan and book everything related to pilgrimage, right from the travel to the temples, as well as the tickets for darshans, etc.”

BigBreaks also launched self drive holidays across India this year. “Aimed at an upwardly mobile young audience, these holidays are good sellers for us. While we are predominantly a B2C focused company, we recently launched an online domestic hotel interface in the B2B space, and while it is still work in progress, the response has been encouraging, and we expect to have over 1000 hotels on our platform by the end of 2018,” informs Goswamy.

He further adds, “Another new product range we have launched is ‘Women only’ escorted group touring. With the growing trend of women wanting to travel and explore, this is something we are very bullish about. We’ve launched our ‘Women only’ escorted touring with five unique destinations to begin with, which include Egypt, Jordan, Vietnam, Bhutan and Ladakh. We hope to increase our destination portfolio manifold in 2019.”

BigBreaks has an active social media presence with its new product range promoted on Facebook, reveals Goswamy.

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