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After covering the Middle East, India and Africa, is now exploring the immense potential that the European market has to offer.

After making its mark in Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Africa, 24x- is focusing on the European market. They opened the first European GSA branch in Macedonia last year and are registered in the UK. Mushtak Gafoor, CEO and MD, 24x7Rooms. com, says, “We have seen an encouraging response from few select partners who have been supporting 24x7Rooms. com from the past few years. We are sure that having a direct presence in this region will help us. We are participating in WTM London to understand the market. We have a packed schedule with prospective partners and will constantly try to evaluate how our solutions will be best suited to market requirements. We will also look out for GSA partners who will promote our brand in their markets.”

The company is coming up with an all-new version of, which should go live by the first quarter of 2018. It will bring car rental as a new module to its portfolio of hotel plus transfers plus sightseeing for worldwide destinations. “We have excellent XML API connectivity for those looking for special deals in the Middle East, South East Asia and African regions,” Gafoor adds.

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