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The Philippines is increasingly becoming a hub for solo travellers. All you need to do is pack your bags and fly to one of the most aesthetic places in the world, and enjoy yourself to the core. It is that simple! We bring to you five destinations in the Filipino archipelago that you can plan your next trip to once things open up some more.

The bustling city life and the quiet plush mountains are just the opposites you need to be attracted to. Let yourself soak the coolness of the water as you lazily swim under the balmy sun and your throat gushes with pleasure after sipping that fruit cocktail. The cheery birds, the light music, and the beautiful sky beckon you to discard any second thoughts. The Philippines is magic!


The unspoiled Pamalican Island, in northern Palawan province, is the crown of the place. The untouched beauty of it will astonish you ruthlessly. The tiny islands, the underground rivers, and the groovy beach parties are better than any love notes your partner will leave for you. Let the bar tease you with its boundless range of cocktails and the barbeque work under your orders and choice. A rare safari experience with zebras, giraffes, antelopes and the natural beauty awaits you, eagerly.


Chocolate hills, unusual vegetation and dreamy wildlife make Bohol as pretty as it is. The Cambuyo rice terraces and the Mahogany forests will be a delight to your eyes prone to seeing only skyrocketing buildings in the city. Head for a mushy dive with the dolphins or go kayaking with your brimming enthusiasm, a visit to Bohol is going to leave you with happy memories underwater or above water.


The fact that it had to close down due to overtourism is a subtle hint to the crazy nightlife that unrolls here from dusk to dawn. Kite surfing adventures, hikes on mountains and a variety of water activities will keep your enthusiasm brimming all day, only to be cooled down by wellness sessions offered by resorts. Being a solo traveller would have never been more fun.


Sagada Island can leave you bewitched when you have a look at the spookiest spot on the cliffs of Echo Valley. We only do serious business, you see. Wash down some great food with a mug of delicious coffee, let the water wash away the woes of yesterday, and the sun giggle the anxiety of the future out of you.


With the flavour of global and a dash of local, Manila has history and modernity in refreshing amounts. Be it the local culture or the nightlife, it never disappoints you. Collecting pretty souvenirs for loved ones, babbling about the mild weather, and shuffling their taste buds with the unique cuisine, you will find many solo travellers having the time of their lives. Long strolls along the Intramuros or hours of concentrated shopping, Manila has it all for you. The rich neighbourhoods bespeak its carefully preserved history and its clubs take it upon themselves to show you the power of music.



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