Nucore eases challenges

Present in the market since 2006, Nucore Software Solutions partners and works with travel agents, irrespective of their size, in alignment to their strategy for achieving its goals.

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In the market since 2006, Nucore Software Solutions’ scope has evolved from just an accounting system provider for the travel industry and for travel agents in particular.

The solutions firm has been providing an end-to-end integrated financial management platform named TRAACS (travel agents accounting system), connecting travel agents’ entire business-enabling systems like sales channels (GDS/OTA), operations, accounting and finance management, reporting and customer-relationship units, which help them to focus on their key performance indicators for business.

Irrespective of the size of agents, Nucore partners and works in line with their strategy to achieve its goals. For a big agent, this is done by providing a stable platform for managing their growth through handling large volumes of day-to-day business transactions and their instant accounting and reconciliations, and business intelligence dashboards, to timely measure their performance levels and provide required direction alerts on strategic decisions to be
taken internally.

Sharing more details is Suhail VP, CEO, Nucore Software Solutions, who says that it provides an opportunity for strong engagement platforms like CRMs with their corporates or key customers, providing self-servicing tools for enquiry, orders and SOA to empower corporates and much personalied services. “For small and medium agents, we provide the support for stay in control amidst the competition powered by tools for cost reduction, expense control and possibility of automations to revenue increase without adding cost to it,” he says.

Speaking about the new products of Nucore, Suhail says, “For travel agents, we are in the development of couple of products which will have strong integrations to their existing TRAACS platform.”

Explaining this, he adds that the TRAACS – FMS is a franchisee management system for large agents who have a lot of sub-agents or franchisees by providing close integration with their selling platforms and strong credit control, and B2B portals for easy collaboration with sub-agents.

For airlines, it has SkyTRAACS – the next-generation revenue accounting, cost accounting and financial accounting solution. It addresses back-office challenges like agent billing, revenue accounting, etc.

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