Nucore all set for India log in

Nucore Software Solutions has set its eyes on India and by 2018, they plan to cater to the region with the launch of a SaaS-based programme, along with several other products.

Nucore Software Solutions mainly caters to the Middle East and African markets, where they boast of a presence in 11 countries across these two regions. Proclaiming themselves to be a solution provider for various types of businesses and not just a vanilla tech company, Nucore’s products look at every aspect of business management, from finance and accounting to business analytics.

Suhail V P, Chief Executive Officer, Nucore, says that although they have strong presence in Qatar, KSA, UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Africa, plans to cater to the Indian market are afoot. He reveals, “India is our home ground and we have to come back, albeit slowly and steadily by 2018. For India, we need to have a different strategy and will be releasing a completely SaaS-based programme, which will have less dependency on the implementation and support. On the same lines, we have already signed agreements with hotel consolidators and travel franchisee.”

Nucore does not just apply automation to reduce human effort but also increases efficiency, productivity and profitability. Suhail explains, “Our main targets are the travel agencies and travel management companies (TMCs) where we handle, manage and bring transparency in the business. Managing accounting, finance, business intelligence data etc. are a few things that we look in to add value to a business. That is why we are not just a typical technology company. “

They also provide direct profit generating solutions through their services where the user can defend their revenue leakage and increase their revenue, which, according to Suhail, is not what every technology company can do. “A technology provider cannot technically impact the revenue. It can only head a business to do their booking or accounting perfectly, but we can connect with the various business ideas of an organisation and give an integration to see if any better options are available.” Through Nucore, a business owner is also able to view the progress at every level and make the most of hidden and unused data.

Seeing that data analytics is currently one of the biggest trends, information that can be used to personalise services to another level, like which airline is the most profitable in a certain region or which passenger spends the most, and other details which help in decision making can be determined. Traacs is Nucore Software Solutions’ flagship product, which can be analysed in multiple ways and are graphic oriented and easy to understand. Other Nucore products include GDS Mate, Travtics, Traise, HR Mate and Credit Control System among others.

“For India, we need to have a different strategy and will be releasing a completely SaaS based programme, which will have less dependency on the implementation and support,”- Suhail V P, Chief Executive Officer, Nucore

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