New version of Smartpoint

Travelport has launched an all new version of its Smarpoint platform—Travelpoint Smartpoint 8.1— soon after launching the 8.0 version recently.

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Travelport Smartpoint is a unique travel commerce platform offering content from more than 400 airlines, 650,000 unique hotel properties and 36,000 car rental locations. While it increases the productivity and enhances customer experience, its handy GUI helps clients to deliver the best kind of customisation options. The latest version of the platform with a new add-on has also been launched to make the interface better.

The 8.1 version of Travelport Smartpoint offers an amalgamation of point-and-click and graphical screens along with the ability to use cryptic commands, which allows users to choose the way they want to work. With the new Flex Windows theme, they can get up to eight active windows along with a PNR Viewer, so that one can do more in less time. This, along with the enhancements to TripQuote, allows agents to send travel options to customers much faster.

The new version is upgraded and is the ultimate solution for numerous customisation possibilities, enabling agents to offer 10/10 service to customers, especially with new features. Travelport Smartpoint 8.1 is a step ahead of 8.0 in many ways. Firstly, Travelport Smartpoint Flexible Windows allows users to create the number of windows, expand or collapse it and also change the colours. It also features, Trip Quote enhancements, allowing one to choose the content and include it in the quote after adding it to a basket. Improving the quality of the information within a quote helps customers decide on which quote to book. This provides the ability to include a service fee and mark up to ensure that the price quoted can include all applicable fees and charges upfront.

With 8.1, one can cancel and rebook segments accurately from the branded fares and ancillaries FS rebook workflow; fare store accurately upon choosing a branded fare; remove duplicates from fare shop rebook response.

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