New initiatives by Etihad Airways

For Etihad Airways, it is imperative that a guest’s journey is planned as seamlessly as possible.

Planning international travel in a post-pandemic world surely is a different experience. The situation remains highly dynamic, as countries have different restrictions, various quarantine measures are in place and guidelines are constantly updated by governments and regulatory health bodies as the scenario changes. To make this process easier, we have identified recent initiatives by the airline that you must know about, to manage your guest’s bookings with ease while also ensuring they can travel with greater peace of mind.

100% of Etihad’s crew on board has been vaccinated

Last month, Etihad became the first airline in the world with all its operating pilots and cabin crew vaccinated to help curb the spread of COVID-19 and give passengers who travel with the airline added assurance of safety. This has consolidated Etihad’s position as an industry leader in its response to the pandemic and in keeping its employees and travellers safe. Recently, Etihad was also awarded Diamond status for ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitisation in the inaugural ‘APEX Health Safety, powered by SimpliFlying’ audit.

Tech-first solutions by Etihad

Etihad leads the industry in creating, testing and implementing technologies that make travel safer, more sustainable, more enjoyable and with passenger wellness as the priority. The airline has also been working with a variety of different companies, some within the industry, some outside of it, to develop technology required for a global health certification system.

Most recently, it has partnered with the International Air Transport Association to launch the IATA Travel Pass for its guests. This offering, currently under trial, will help passengers easily and securely manage their travel in line with government requirements for COVID-19 tests or vaccines

Guests are insured for COVID-19 within the cost of the flight ticket

If any guest is diagnosed with COVID-19 during their trip, they won’t have to worry about medical expenses or quarantine costs when they fly with Etihad. The airline has introduced a global COVID-19 wellness insurance as part of its health and hygiene programme, Etihad Wellness. This is included with every Etihad ticket up to October 1, 2021.  The insurance is automatically effective following the first flight outside of the guest’s home country and is valid for 31 days, or upon return to their home country if earlier.

Etihad offers charter flight services

Etihad has expanded its business with the launch of charter and special flight services. Fully customisable, business and leisure guests can choose from a variety of flight options including a dedicated passenger service, cargo-only flight or a combined passenger and cargo package.



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