MOT’s summer mantra

In a bid to lure foreign tourists to Indian shores during the summer months, and to project India as a 365-day destination, the Union Ministry of Tourism has launched a new initiative, called ‘Coolcation’.

TT Bureau

Manisha Saxena, Director General, Ministry of Tourism (MOT), Government of India, has revealed that to promote India as a 365-day destination, the MOT has launched a new initiative, called ‘Coolcation’, under which a plethora of destinations will be identified that would attract foreign tourists during the summers in India.

Saxena said, “India is not just a six-month destination from October to March. It is a 365-day destination. We have just launched an initiative called ‘Coolcation’ to dispel the myth that summers are hot in India. There are some cool pockets in India too. Wed in India is the focus this year as we endeavour to showcase India’s culture and traditions around weddings across the country. At the same time, while weddings and meetings are important, India is a land with vibrant cultural experiences and it offers much more. Our effort is to make India’s tourist destination much more attractive.”

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