Morocco catches India’s fancy

In 2017, Tourism Enterprises is planning to add more DMCs to its network and offer Indian outbound tour operators a variety of newer destinations.

Tourism Enterprises connects Indian outbound tour operators to its vast network of destination management companies. The company has witnessed two successful years and is looking forward to a robust 2017. It reaches out to its trade partners through personal visits, mailers, trade fairs and arranges local city-based seminars and ensures the quality, stability and reliability of the DMC which it promotes in the Indian market.

According to Ravi Gosain, Managing Director, Tourism Enterprises, the outbound industry is expected to be impacted due to sudden increase of service tax to 9 per cent from January 22, 2017. However, the company has observed steady number of queries, though the accurate figures of total number of Indians travelling abroad will be gauged post confirmations.

In 2016, Tourism Enterprises sent approximately over 8000 tourists through Indian outbound tour operators to several countries; the most popular being Dubai, Central Europe, Sri Lanka and Greece, adds Gosain. “With Central Europe gaining popularity in the India market, we are also offering trips to Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest and Munich through a DMC brand in Czech Republic,” says Kumar Utkarsh, Sales Head-India, Tourism Enterprises. He further informs that the company is promoting Morocco as a new destination for the last three years and has seen an increase in both enquiries and bookings. Tourism Enterprises is working and planning investments in international DMCs to set up its own DMC or build partnerships with a few existing DMCs to give trust and value to its B2B network in India.

The company is already working in partnership with Haryard Tours-Dubai and TE Lanka-Sri Lanka, informs Utkarsh. “India is a good market for incentive travel to destinations like Dubai, Sri Lanka, Central Europe and Greece. We are focusing on the family segment of travel and catering to the emerging small family and friends group as this segment demands personalised, tailor-made programs in comparison to set departure tours,” adds Gosain.

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