Mishmash of cultures

Indy Old Courthouse marks the first venture of Indy Hospitality in India — specialised in the management of independent resorts and hotels.

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Focusing on enriching guest experience with a world-class service through its premium boutique properties, Indy Hospitality is set to launch two resorts in Goa in the upcoming months. This hospitality is part of a larger brand that is already running five other reputated hotels in the state.

Exemplifying the beauty of the property, Rachael Albuquerque, Partner, Indy Hospitality says, “The group has a strong footprint in Kerala. Indy Old Court House, a luxury hotel in Fort Kochi, effortlessly blends history with sophistication. The 200-year old structure has a modern sanctuary in the hotel’s striking art deco renovation. The building was constructed as a courthouse and has been a witness to many-a-court proceeding over the last two centuries. After its early days as a courthouse, the historical structure took on a new avatar as the first banking office of ANZ Grindlays, post which, it has duly served as a warehouse for spices and teas.”

Indy Old Courthouse Fort Kochi strategically lies in its mosaic of cultures with some of them remaining as different as chalk and cheese. Albuquerque informs that different historic timelines revolve around Fort Kochi. “It is the potpourri of different nationalities — be it a Portuguese settlement with a Dutch palace, a tourist hangout with Chinese fishing nets, a Jew town where Kashmiri handicrafts are sold or an erstwhile trading hub which now morphs into a lively spice market. The antique shops and the art cafes are a blend of tradition and the contemporary times,” she adds.

Looking West

  • Indy Hospitality will focus on the European market, as it has proved to be a performing market for Kerala
  •  The brand will continue to tap the domestic market as it is a steady source of business throughout the year

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