Meditation is an art

IATO and TRAVTALK organised a session on redesigning wellness itineraries and understanding the art of living. Rajeev Nambiar, Director, National Teachers Desk, The Art of Living, explains the importance of meditation.

Manas Dwivedi

Can controlling the mind be taught?

It is possible. Most people don’t understand what the mind is. One day it tells you to do something and next day it might tell you to do the exact opposite. The mind is something which is not in our control. The only way to deal with mind is breath. When we understand breath, we know we can deal with the mind.

How do you convince young families to focus on meditation, especially for holidays?

Nowadays, there have been various studies suggesting that yoga and meditation impact the mind of young people, letting go of difficult habits and addictions. Meditation can help them concentrate more. We have to educate them on creating small values in life.

How does technology impact your mind? Is switching off technology an option?

I would say we have no choice now. We have moved into a world too far ahead for us to reverse. So much of radiation impacts your mind. Technology will have its impact, but it is important to ensure how we can minimise the impact on ourselves, how we can make ourselves more resilient.

How can entrepreneurs de-stress during such uncertain times?

The best thing to do in such a scenario would be to work judiciously, talk to people and tell them that it’s a difficult time for the company. I think, if we are able to increase the sense of belonging with people and start communicating, things will get easier.

How long do foreigners need to spend in India to take a programme for meditation?

Not more than two weeks is enough. Even a week will be enough, but a two-week-long itinerary will be ideal for a perfect programme. If you were to travel to Art of Living International Center in Bengaluru, there is a week-long introductory programme and in two weeks, you can get more meditation programmes.


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