Meandering routes to success

Successfully completing five years in July this year, Meandering Vacations has been offering rewarding experiences to ride the wave of opportunity in the travel industry, while conquering challenges on its way.

Based out of Thane, Meandering Vacations has a strong presence in leisure tourism and MiCE. Apart from it, corporate travel has also been strengthened by the growing list of the company’s satisfied customers and their testimony of its award-winning services.

It is pleasing to see the tourism sector evolve under the new regime, as it has been seriously looked at as a major contributor to India’s growth story. Investors are being welcomed in the industry, and a lot of investment is seen coming in. Young companies like Meandering Vacations are benefiting through these opportunities as they embrace the change in the industry. A lot of scaling up options are also coming their way — right evaluation and alignment with our vision of growth remains the key factor in selecting these options. Consolidated projects are the way forward. Tourism industry – with its growth potential – remains one of the sought-after investing options globally, and India with its technologically-driven young population is the right platform for exponential growth.

Meandering Vacations’ inbound division was incubated in 2015, and since then the company has witnessed substantial growth in this vertical

In these five years, adaption of the latest technology has enabled the company to manage travel for guests from diverse social strata, though its major contributors have been travellers with substantial travel budgets. Hence, Meandering provides high-yield revenue to the principals, and its management of MiCE movements is also on upswing since it has organised events in the Far East and Europe. In addition, its leisure travellers also bring the opportunity to research about new destinations as they are avid travellers, and thus, building a product for them requires immense consultation process. The company’s out-of-the-box products have received excellent response all over, as it remains focused on meeting customer expectations every single time.

Meandering Vacations’ office in Kochi takes care of its inbound division. It has handled guests from the US, the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Canada. The company aims to promote Indian tourism through safe and quality touring. Its inbound division was incubated in 2015, and since then the company has witnessed substantial growth in this vertical. Its partners over the globe have shown tremendous confidence in their ability of taking care of guests. Being transparent in setting the expectation right is the company’s key to success for foreign markets.

In 2013, Meandering Vacations started off with a well-chalked growth plan for five years and its own expectations in terms of the growth achieved. Moving on to its next charted path, the company anticipates an exponential growth in the next five years which will be based on some innovative products to be introduced for guests.

Key to Success

  • Being transparent in setting the expectation right is Meandering Vacations’ key to success for foreign markets
  • The company also anticipates an exponential growth over a period of the next five years

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