Maya in the city of Taj Mahal

India Travel Awards 2018 will be held at Hotel Clarks Shiraz in Agra on December 6, 2018 to commemorate achievers from different segments.

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A coveted platform to acknowledge the efforts of tourism professionals, India Travel Awards has made a mark in the industry to recognise, honour and acknowledge the achievers of the travel fraternity. Nikhil Jeet, Convener, India Travel Awards (ITA), informs that these awards have proven to be instrumental in increasing the awareness about the winning company or individual. He says, “Growth of the tourism and hospitality industry in thecountry is a mark of progress and development of the country itself. Every entity contributes to the overall development of these sectors, but are we doing enough to acknowledge their hard work and contribution? India Travel Awards was instituted exactly to meet this objective. With a forecast of 20 million inbound tourists in 2020, the sector is growing exponentially and we will soon become a prominent name on the global tourism map. Constant recognition and acknowledgement of the effort put in by industry players is a catalyst for this growth.”

India Travel Awards intend to boost the spirit of tourism professionals and recognise their role in the overall development of tourism and hospitality

“With these awards, we intend to boost their spirit, recognise their significant role in the overall development of tourism and hospitality, and inspire them to be future leaders. We hope the tourism sector gets its due share in the coming years, leading the way for an even better tomorrow,” adds Jeet.

As the host of the black-tie award ceremony, Hotel Clarks Shiraz Agra is all prepped up to put up a great show. Debasish Bhowmik, Senior Vice President, Hotel Clarks Shiraz believes that it will be a good opportunity for Agra to come into limelight as the host city. “It’s for the first time that India Travel Awards are coming to Agra. So, it will be grand debut of Maya in the city. These awards are very popular among the travel and tourism fraternity and best in the best of the travel industry attend the awards. I think it will help showcase Clarks Shiraz, Agra in its absolutely new avatar,” he says.

“As the hospitality partner, it’s our privilege to host the show. This is a new beginning towards a greater bond with one of the renowned award shows in the industry. This year’s show will be beneficial for smaller cities like Agra to boost image while promoting tourism in the vicinity. We have renovated the entire hotel in the last three years. There couldn’t have been a better time to host ITA at this iconic hotel,” Bhowmik further adds.

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