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Paul Wilson, Executive VP, Cross Hotels & Resorts, underscores the brand’s focus on the Indian market. With India emerging as a significant outbound travel market, the hotel brand aims to establish a strong presence.

Janice Alyosius

With the hospitality industry undergoing a profound transformation globally, understanding the needs and nuances of diverse markets has become paramount. Paul Wilson, Executive Vice President, Cross Hotels & Resorts, shows enthusiasm for the Indian market. Wilson emphasises on the evolving demands of contemporary travellers, saying, “People want a little bit more attention to detail. They want the arrival experience to be a little bit more personal. They want breakfasts to be a lot more personal.”

He underscores Cross Hotels’ response to these evolving preferences and elaborates on the distinctive experiences curated by the group. “You get bubbles with breakfast,” he says. Furthermore, he emphasises on the brand’s commitment to infusing vibrancy and intimacy into the hotel experience, citing examples like the DJ breakfasts offered at Cross Vibe properties. To meet the demands of the evolved guests, Cross Hotels works towards enhancing guest experiences through personalised touches and innovative amenities, thereby enriching the overall stay for guests.

The Indian clientele constitutes a significant portion of Cross Hotels’ guest demographics, reflecting the brand’s commitment to catering to the unique preferences of this burgeoning market. With India emerging as the world’s largest outbound travel market, Cross Hotels recognises the strategic imperative of establishing a strong foothold in this dynamic landscape. Wilson underscores the brand’s proactive approach, aiming to understand and resonate with Indian travellers better than any competitor, thereby aligning the brand’s growth trajectory with the exponential rise of India’s travel market.

Wilson also highlights the significant presence of Indian guests, constituting approximately 25-30 per cent of their clientele. Recognising India as the largest outbound market globally with its vast population, Wilson emphasises on the strategic importance of catering to this demographic. “India is the biggest outbound market in the world. It’s the biggest population in the world. So, we want to be first in the market, understand the market better than anyone else,” Wilson asserts. Wilson further emphasises that from his understanding India’s growth trajectory shows no signs of slowing down, paralleling the expansion of Cross Hotels & Resorts.

While Cross Hotels’ expansion plans predominantly focus on Southeast Asia, India remains a priority on its radar. “At the moment, our growth trajectory is massive. We are just currently trying to handle what we have got. But India is 100 per cent on our radar,” he says. The brands primary focus remains predominantly on Southeast Asia, with hotels in Vietnam and upcoming openings in Japan. Australia represents another potential market for future expansion.

Speaking of the hotel’s market positioning, he emphasises on their commitment to offering luxury experiences at affordable  prices, saying, “We are luxury, but affordable luxury.” Acknowledging the spending capacity of Indian guests, he underscores the importance of pricing strategies. With a diverse portfolio of properties, the hotel chain caters to various segments rather than focusing on one specific market. “We have a lot of hotels, so we don’t have one specific segment. What we do quite well in is the honeymoon market,” he says.




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