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Hotel Expertz has recorded business worth Neeraj Kumar ₹35.90 crore till date in 2018 from North India and has high hopes to grow the business even further in the year.

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An initiative of Kehar Travel Ventures, Hotelexpertz.com is a fully interactive and online hotel reservation system relevant and especially designed for travel agencies, inform Rajan Kehar and Raman Kehar, Directors, Hotel Expertz.

Explaining the functionality of the platform, Rajan Kehar says, “We offer a single window platform where travel agents can find results from the finest quality of wholesalers from across the world. The quality of products is accompanied by an opportunity for travel agencies to get the best rates. We have put in our best efforts and the most innovative ideas in place to build a platform that can cater to the needs of travel agents in minimum time.”

Raman Kehar further adds, “When people ask why they should use Hotelexpertz.com, I can cite a lot of reasons. Some of those are our widespread international network which brings you properties from across destinations. We have an unmatched reporting of travel history of every hotel we put on the platform; our experienced and dedicated professionals understand your requirements; the corporate call centre can assist you in hotel bookings and apart from this, our 24-hour emergency helpline is available to offer immediate support for your travel queries.”

Climbing up the growth ladder

The company has been on a growth trajectory for over a few years now with revenues climbing up each year, points out the company’s Chief Executive Officer Neeraj Kumar. He says, “One can map this growth from the fact that in the financial year of 2015, we did business worth ₹15.16 crore in the Delhi/NCR region, which increased to ₹25.20 crore in 2016 from the same markets. In 2017, this revenue further increased to ₹48 crore from Delhi/NCR while in 2018, year to date, the company has already done business worth ₹35.90 crore from North India.”

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The company has widespread international network

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