Konnichiwa! greets Japan

Asahi Travel Service recently organised a Fam trip to
Shimane Prefecture in Japan for the Indian trade and tour operators. Agents sum up their Japanese experiences…

Anupriya Bishnoi from Japan

Roshan George Jacob, Senior Executive—Outbound Tours, Kerala Travels Interserve

Every day in Japan was filled with new discoveries and delights. Shimane Prefecture is full of beauty, and home to Izumo Taisha – ancient Shinto shrines, Matsue Castle and the Adachi Museum of Art. Lake Shinji-ko was another beautiful spot to enjoy the sunset. Boating in Horikawa River through the narrow canals was another delight where the boatman shared the area’s hidden history. Wagashi making lessons at Karakoro Art Studio was amazing and sweets were moulded into beautiful shapes that represented the changing seasons. Flying in a seaplane over the Shimane turned out to be an additional treat as we got a bird’s eye view of the mountains, lakes and the old town. Shimane can be reached by road easily from Hiroshima as well.

Namrata Joshi, Senior Manager—Outbound Travel, Cox and Kings

The itinerary was excellent as we got to experience almost everything that was best in Shimane Prefecture. We visited historic temples, beautiful gardens, participated in an authentic tea ceremony and enjoyed a seaplane ride. Shimane Prefecture has everything that an Indian traveller looks for. Unfortunately, this area has not been explored by Indian travellers yet. Tokyo remains the highlight in the itinerary of Indian travellers but since they are now looking for out-of-the-box locations to travel to, Shimane will see a surge in Indian arrivals. Right from Indian restaurants to the scenic beauty accompanied by the perfect weather, this prefecture is sure to enthral Indian tourists. I want to thank the organisers for such a seamless trip where everyone enjoyed more than they intended to. Everything was well planned and executed perfectly.

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