Kesari’s dream turns into reality

It all started with a dream for Kesari Tours to showcase India to the world and the world to Indian travellers. Today, 35 years later, it takes pride in stating that the dream has shaped up well.

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Thirty-five year old Kesari Tours, based in India, recently conducted an incentive trip successfully for a large group of 2,400 pax on a cruise ship for the first time ever.
Zelam Chaubal, Director, Kesari Tours, says, “The journey so far would definitely not have been possible without the support of the suppliers, airlines and of course, the tourism boards. We have the utmost gratitude for all of our partners as well as our travellers who made us this big.”

She adds that it began with a humble start in 1984. “We started with tours across India and we now conduct tours to all the seven continents. During the journey, we have achieved many awards, but our largest achievement remains the people’s trust. Kesari is a brand that people can rely on, and we hope to continue down the same path in the future,” the director adds.

Over a span of more than three decades, Kesari Tours has crossed milestones and won many accolades. One of the best ones so far, she says, is the ‘National Tourism Award for Best Domestic Tour Operator – Rest of India’ in 2013-14 as well as the ‘National Tourism Award for Best Domestic Tour Operator for Kashmir’ in 2013-14 and 2014-15 consecutively, presented to her father – Kesari Patil – by the President of India. He has also won the ‘Gallery of Legends Award’ by India Travel Awards West in 2016.

The best award though, she says, is from the customers. “The trust factor with Kesari Tours is strong. For us, our repeat clientele is the best award for us. In today’s digital world when retaining the customer is the biggest challenge and brand loyalty means little, we are happy to say that our repeat clientele percentage is very high,” she adds.

It all started with a dream, she reminiscences, to showcase India to the world and the world to Indian travellers. “Our inbound is also very well structured and able to handle foreign tourists. We specialise in spa tourism, yoga tourism, destination weddings, Himalayan tours as well as tours to Rajasthan, Goa, New Delhi, Ajanta Ellora and Kerala, just to name a few,” the director Concludes.

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