Jalesh preps for Sept

Jurgen Bailom, President and CEO, Jalesh Cruises, shares details of the cruise line’s preparedness for its September 2020 sailings. It has already conducted several workshops for its trade partners.

Hazel Jain

Q Is Jalesh Cruises conducting training workshops for trade, to ready them for your upcoming itineraries?

Yes, we had recently conducted a series of webinars for travel industry specialists over 10 days, and they were attended by more than 2,000 attendees from India and GCC countries. The brand took the opportunity to connect with its global audiences, narrating the testimony of India’s rich heritage and culture. Market insights around the tourism industry were discussed by industry experts and the opportunities offered by Karnika – India’s first multi-destination cruise line. Jalesh was pleased to have the support of attendees like Avinash Jadhav (Riya Travels), Dharmin Desai (Akbar Travels), Amit Jain (Gem Travels), Ishita Ghoshal (Zenith Holidays), and Sanjoy Bose (Orchid Global) who participated in the webinars.

Q What did the webinars focus on?

The sessions were designed keeping the end customers’ questions and perspectives in mind. The webinar showcased endless possibilities of Incredible India in the coming months and factors to be kept in mind while planning travel.

Q Tell us about the measures Jalesh Cruises will take if someone falls sick on the ship.

Our Pandemic Preparedness Plan (PPP) includes the adoption of several measures and initiatives that are in line with the general recommendations of World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) USA, Healthy GateWays (EU) and IMO. These measures are evaluated daily and reviewed whenever justified by our team, which permanently monitors the evolution of the epidemic outbreak.


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