Indians shop till they drop

India is expected to figure in the top 10 markets this year for shopping at La Vallée Village in Paris, France, claims its Business Development Manager, Patrick Allais.

Q Have you witnessed growth among Indian tourists for shopping? In the last three years there has been a significant growth amongst Indian tourists for shopping, which was amply borne out by the fact that in 2016, India was one of the very few markets which showed a surge in numbers of tourists interested in shopping on their visit. Currently, India ranks as one of the top 15 markets for shopping at La Vallée Village, observing the current trend the India market is expected to rank in the top 10 markets for shopping at the venue in 2017.

Q What is the USP of La Vallée Village?
Outdoor shopping venue: A totally outdoor venue for shopping is one of the major USP of the place as it offers guests a totally unique experience as this is not housed within a mall but set outdoors which proves to be very enjoyable for its visitors. The array of 110 boutiques offering a wide range of the most popular products and brands, along with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, outdoor cafes as well as play area for children, makes it a completely memorable experience for the entire family.
Pricing: The huge discounts that are offered will also prove to be a major draw for visitors. At the outset you are being offered a 33 per cent discount which is the minimum slab, the same can go up to a stupendous discount of 70 per cent. Moreover, where there is spend of €175 or more, visitors will be offered a VAT deduction of 12-14 per cent at the airport on the total. Winter sales will also be introduced at the Village which will commence at the end of the Christmas season spanning end December to February and summer sales from mid-June to July.
Location: La Vallée Village is conveniently located in close proximity to Disneyland Paris.

Q How do you plan to promote it in India? La Vallée Village is all set to concentrate on the India Market and on this, its first visit to India they plan to gauge expectations from the Indian market so that they can match any specific requirements. At this juncture they will cover Mumbai and Delhi where they will meet with travel trade to apprise them of the varied offerings of the venue as well as benefits of choosing to shop there. Later on additional visits would be scheduled to different cities like Bengaluru and others for similar promotions, Indian guests would enjoy an additional concession of 10 per cent on their purchases over and above the standard discounts being offered.

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