India & its abundant experiences

Just back from her travels to South India, Anshu Tejuja, Managing Director, Ashoka Dream Holidays, recounts her  wonderful experience and how travel designers need to understand and adapt the new era of experiential travel  that the pandemic has ushered in.


Being a travel and fitness enthusiast, it was the best feeling to go to Puducherry for a fitness retreat after an 11-month lockdown in Mumbai. I took the plunge and went to this beautiful fitness retreat planned in the widespread area of K Resort, Puducherry. Here, I made new friends and did some exciting activities such as kick-boxing, Bollywood aerobics, regional folk dance, animal flow, sports conditioning and so on. The meals were also healthy but delicious, and the chefs were mindful of every ingredient used. Organising a stay in a luxury resort and adding
an element of experience has to be the new era for travel designers.

Coorg & Kabini

Soon after Puducherry, I extended my trip to Coorg and Kabini in Karnataka. This was hosted by Panache World in Bengaluru in association with Evolve back hotels. This trip was way beyond my expectations and it came as a breath of crisp, fresh air. The rooms along with every experience I had here is a story to tell and an experience in itself. It is amazing to see that there is so much to explore in our own country with barefoot luxury experiences.

In 2021, till the world opens up completely, we aspire to offer the best of India to all our travellers. Safety in terms of air travel, ground-handling and transportation was taken care of immaculately and to perfection, and there was nothing for us to worry about during the entire trip. It is only by travelling by themselves and by experiencing everything personally that travel designers and tour operators can offer something new and unique to their clients.



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