India big market for Oman Air

Ihab A. Sorial, Senior Vice President-International Sales, Oman Air, says they are studying places in India they should fly to.

Oman Air has completed two years in Goa. Sorial says the journey has been very successful so far. “We started with four flights and today we have seven flights. We have new recruits and have put in a lot of emphasis on our people.” In India, Oman Air has just increased capacity by 6000 seats which includes for metropolis and Calicut in Kerala.

“In Goa, the moment we see we are ready, the connectivity will be tweaked,” he adds. Sorial says India is a very big market and has huge potential for the airline. “We have a big force of Indians working for us at Oman and India is the third largest revenue generator for us. We are studying in India to cover new destinations and sectors and once we decide on it we will launch it,” he adds.

Goa is a leisure destination and competition for Oman Air is not as fierce as it is in other sectors, he says. “We have Qatar Airways and other low cost carriers and hence I can see a big opportunity here in this state,” Sorial says, adding that their focus is on Europe and London (UK) currently. “We have changed the schedule and connectivity at Frankfurt and it will help Goa a lot. The focus is to get more European passengers to Goa,” he adds.

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