How to build passenger confidence

Experts from the Indian travel and aviation industry feel that the series of progressive discussions, best practices and steps outlined by the industry embrace a proactive customer experience in air travel. They also highlight the seamless coordination between airports, airlines and other stakeholders in the travel value chain, as customers navigate the ‘new normal’ of flying.

Usha Padhee, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation

We continue to rigorously follow recommendations and measures by our industry, international council, health and safety organisations and other stakeholders to restore confidence in air travel for our people in India. The ACP webinar discussion demonstrated that a collaborative approach between all stakeholders is the way to
restore confidence and bring air travel back.

Amitabh Khosla, Country Director – India, International Air Transport Association

All of us across the travel and tourism value chain face an uphill challenge if our customers are not travelling. It is time that we work together to restore confidence about travelling in the passenger who is apprehensive and hesitant today. It is important for harmonisation of processes among all stakeholders, and to recognise aviation’s role in economic growth, job creation, delivery of goods and services, and global connectivity.

Dr Shefali Juneja, Representative to India International Civil Aviation Organization

The restart of aviation and for achieving future resilience, we can start by building confidence in the public about travelling, through harmonised and internationally bench-marked public health measures, and collective efforts by all stakeholders in the ecosystem. ICAO Council adopts new COVID-19 aviation recovery ‘Take Off’ guidelines to reconnect the world, developed by a broad base of consultants.

Salil Gupte, President, Boeing India

We are partnering with airlines, Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA), Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the industry to create a multi-layered approach focused on keeping passengers and airline crew healthy. Layered protection requires a system-wide approach extending beyond the airplane to the full travel experience. Having consistent, industry-recognised safety standards and protocols will be an important part of recovery as
travel resumes.

Sandeep Bahl, Program Director, US-India Aviation Cooperation Program

The COVID-19 pandemic requires a joint effort to minimise air travel health risks and restore public confidence in travel and aviation. As air travel resumes and restrictions ease, the industry needs to partner and collaborate to develop new solutions, build on the existing best practices, and provide a safe travel experience to travellers. The safety and well-being of everyone is a top priority for ACP and its members.

Ashmita Sethi, President and Country Head, Pratt & Whitney, UTC India

As air travel recovers, innovation and coordination between industry and government will be key to restoring confidence. We have been supporting our customers in India to meet the demands of the world’s fastest growing aviation market. During the lockdown, we continued to work closely with our airline customers, bringing in special charters to upgrade fleets, improving quick-turn MRO capabilities and reducing turnaround times.

Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO, DIAL

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis for the aviation industry. The recovery from this crisis can happen only by restoring public confidence in the health and safety of flying. The new mitigation measures introduced at airports with respect to sanitisation, cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing, as well as health screening procedures on departure and arrival, have significantly reposed confidence amongst the flyers, which is evident from the increasing number of air travellers. At Delhi Airport we have set up UV tunnels to sanitise baggage and baggage trolleys, installed highly efficient HEPA filters, etc.

Pradeep Panicker, CEO, GHIAL

Aviation is one of the safest modes of transport, and passenger confidence in air travel needs to be reinforced. India has lifted restrictions on domestic air travel, and international air travel is expected to resume soon. We are optimistic that the industry will bounce back and the new normal is here to stay. The collaborative efforts of all stakeholders of the aviation industry in making the passenger journey safe to overcome turbulent times is commendable. Airports are doing their bit to ensure the safety of all the passengers as well as employees.

Inputs by Manas Dwivedi




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